1Who does FIRST FINANCE COMPANY lend to?
We lend to salaried individuals (except for invoice discounting) who work for organization with which have entered into lending agreements.
For invoice discounting, one does not need to be employed, but must have a legally registered business which has supplied a product or service to a reputable organisation, has lodged an invoice but has not yet been paid.
2How many branches does FIRST FINANCE COMPANY have?
Since the launch of the company in 2010, we has expanded our footprint to three geographical regions namely, Hhohho, Manzini and Shiselweni. Our branch locations are as follows; Mbabane, Corner Gwamile and Dabede Street, FINCORP Building, Manzini, Louw Street , SEC Building (next to the police station) and in Nhlangano, Skonkwane Street.
3What is the turn-around time?
At FIRST FINANCE COMPANY we pride ourselves in ensuring that clients who have applied for loans receive them within 24 hours. Consolidation loans take longer due to the inherent processes involved in dealing with the applicant’s creditors. The time frame varies on a case by case basis.
4Does FIRST FINANCE COMPANY allow part payments?
FIRST FINANCE COMPANY understands the diverse needs of our clients for which they borrow money. Some of the reasons are very short term in nature and once our clients have obtained funds from other sources FIRST FINANCE COMPANY allows them to make part payments or settle the loan in full.
5How does a debt consolidation work?
This arrangement entails taking out a loan to pay off usually, many others. This is often done to improve the monthly net income due to the new reduced monthly installment. This arrangement works out best if the consolidation loan has a lower interest than the other loans. At First Finance we offer debt consolidation loans subject to agreements entered into with the employers and the monthly earnings of each client. As a responsible and licensed financial services provider we ensure that clients understand the implications of a debt consolidation loan as this usually entail extended loan repayment periods. A client who wants to access our debt consolidation loans must submit the normal loan requirements as well as confirmation of loan settlement balances for all the loans to be consolidated.
6What is the minimum and maximum loan amount that one can get at FIRST FINANCE COMPANY ?
The minimum loan amount at FIRST FINANCE COMPANY is Two Thousand Emalangeni (E2000.00). The maximum loan is subject to the terms and conditions with each employer that we have lending relationship with.